Essay On Poverty And Hunger

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We hear the words poverty and hunger almost every day, in the news channels, newspapers, between friends or family, but do we really think about poverty? Do we as humans think about 795 million people around the world that suffer from this issue? Have we ever thought that one in nine people around the globe are facing this problem or do we ever thought that 4 billion people across the globe live on $1.25 a day, or that any 10 seconds a child dies from hunger related diseases? We as humans spend an average of 167 minutes talking every day. But what do we talk, do we ever discussed about poverty or hunger, or any solution that we can think about? We spend a lot of our time reading or writing blogs, how to be a better person; latest fashion trends;…show more content…
But, maybe we are all to blame of, we all have contributed somehow in these issues, maybe every single individual has contributed in growing these glitches. It is really sad to hear all this facts, it is like a slap in our face, but what is true should never be ignored. Have we ever thought that our food wastage can feed millions of people?! Well, only the wastage of food in Europe can feed 200 million people, not mentioning America, when only the wastage of food in Latin America can feed 300 million people, from the facts we got to know that there are 795 million people suffering from hunger, when now only the wastage of Latin America and Europe can feed 500 million people. We go to a restaurant and we order a variety of at least three dishes and what happens is that we waste not only food, but even that tip that we leave for the staff of the restaurant for the hospitality, when they are already charging you, and that tip can buy a meal for a homeless person out there. Have you ever thought that, we often are amused for new tourism projects that happen in the world and we think often for that rather than the world biggest

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