Summary Of Stephen King Why We Crave Horror Movies

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Stephen King explains in his essay “Why we crave horror movies,” why people like to watch horror movies and how everyone is a little bit crazy. Everyone has some type of fear whether it be a phobia of grimacing critters or something as simple as being afraid of the dark. He states in the essay,” I think we’re all mentally ill, those of us outside the asylums only hide it better” (559). He states that we can endure the scare and not be afraid, that you can sit in on a thrill if only for just a little while. That we often find ourselves in a crowded movie theater with many others ready to captivate their minds, with a little darkness and maniacal acts portrayed on a screen right before our eyes. Enticing and thrilling just to know everyone is feeding the appetite for a complete motion picture nightmare unleashed.…show more content…
How some people enjoy seeing gore, carnage, or bad things happen. How with horror movies it strips away the shades of gray into a more simplistic and almost childlike mindset of black and white. While this relief to the psyche is an untapped realm of uniformity and aberration that can’t be released in normal movies that are conservative and civil. There is method to the madness with horror movies. They are simply are doing their job to entertain and thrill us. Most importantly releasing our primal and carnal instincts to watch bad things happen. The movies feed our natural darkness and keep it satisfied in a safe acceptable way. King writes” The potential lyncher is in almost all of us”,”and that every now and then hehas to be let loose to scream and roll around in the grass.” He greatly entertains that horror movies are healthy for people to watch. That our society shows positivity towards positive behavior and negative consequences for bad behavior starting at unseasoned

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