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In the article “Class Dismissed”, Walter Kirn draws attention of changing a four year high school to three year high school. Competing high school in their is not beneficial to students, so government should not exclude the four year of high school. High school is greatly engaging to students in many ways rather than not doing the fourth year of high school and going directly to college or do work. In the essay Walter Kirn says “... the senior year of public high school is less a climatic academic experience than an occasion for oafish goofing off, chronic truancy, random bullying, sloppy dancing in rented formal wear and … about the looming bummer of adulthood (1).” Really! that’s not all the seniors do during their senior year. Senior year helps a lot in having an effortless transition between high school and college. Senior year helps students to manage their time better and divide their workload according to the amount that require to study, enjoy life and do their job if he or she has one at a specific time. Those Advanced Placement classes that seniors has opportunity to take in which classes are duplicated to have similar…show more content…
Kids who plan to move right into the labor force are in the same position. They may as well spend whole year in detention - which some of them, bored and restless, end up doing (1-2).” That's not the case, many schools have been joined in the districts which provides each school with a specific type of industrial connected systems and classes which gives out a great industrial experience as students gets to know and work with the equipment similar to the one’s in the real industry. Mostly this classes are offered in the senior year so that students can earn certificates which allows them to get a job in the industrial sector. Yet another positivity of having to do Senior year so that students don’t get

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