Com 100 Week 1 Assignment

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COMM 100 Growing up in any culture and society, there are expectations anticipated to be followed. The pressure to accommodate to those prospects affects everybody, especially children prone to imitating others. Thus from a young age, people change any detail of their personalities and opinions for other peoples’ benefit. People often modify themselves to improve other’s perceptions of them instead of their own perception. We, as a society, desperately want others to view us in a way we would not ordinarily present. How each of these perceptions differ and why we create multiple version of ourselves to conform to environments, people, and events can be explained through communication styles. My self-concept, how I perceive myself, tends…show more content…
I never considered my self-efficacy, the belief in my ability to accomplish something or succeed, to consist of anything important. Being told I’m good at something never equated to believing what they said was true. I heard their comments but I never processed them, still asking for more feedback. Yet, when two parties are arguing or at odds with one another, I usually find myself in the middle. In little time, I’m able to diffuse the event and gain exchanges of apologies and acceptances from everyone. Though feedback from that experience is slim to none, I receive praise for my art. Because of the admiration for my work, I have enough faith to put effort into the art. One area I also gain excessive credit for is my writing. However, this is an instance where the praise fails to affect me. I have a desire to write and I enjoy the process of writing stories, essays or poetry yet most of the time I never finish the story or lose motivation. People encourage me to find a career in writing but without my full focus in that area, I grow resentful of my work and delete it. Another form of deflection, I hide the work I do finish to avoid more

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