How Does Nature Influence Gender

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Nature’s influence on gender What influences a person’s gender is a topic that elicits much debate as some may argue that gender is inborn while others may say that it depends on the environment. In the documentary titled sex unknown the writer tries to explain the natural effect on human gender as well as social effects using a case of a boy brought up as a girl (Lyman 2001). This shows that there might require more research in order to distinguish totally what influences human gender. The actual factor that shapes a human gender is a combination of many different aspects but some are dominant than others. The human brain plays a large role in influencing gender and a human being is born with the gender imprinted in the brain. In my opinion nature is the main aspect that decides whether a person will be male or female. During birth, the baby’s brain is not fully…show more content…
The part that produces the hormones that enhance the formation of sex parts has a big difference and it is like that at birth (Lyman 2001). This explains that a baby is not born as a plain slate and then programmed by the environment into which he or she is grows in. Children may conform to the gender imposed on them at birth in but once they are mature enough, they might be uncomfortable and even change their gender. Some cases of gender change at birth have failed albeit later in life and this causes psychological torture to the person involved. The procedure can provide reprieve especially to babies born with semi-formed genitals but even in those cases, it is not a permanent fix. In the case of David Reimer, people thought that raising him in an environment where she gets everything that a girl might want would shape him into a girl (Lyman 2001). This did not materialize because his brain already imparted a boy’s behavior instead of a girl’s leading to
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