Essay On Positive Self Talk

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5 ways to positive self talk “Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up.” Have you ever noticed what your inner voice is trying to tell you? Self talk is a normal phenomenon, we all talk in our minds. It is our inner voice, the voice in our heads that says things which we often don’t say aloud. Self-talk can greatly affect your certainty, the impact can be great or awful, depending upon whether it is positive or not. There are a couple of ways you can grow better self-talk, beginning with simply tuning in to what you routinely say to yourself. It's justified regardless of the push to work on talking decidedly to yourself, in light of the fact that the result will be that you'll can rest easy and your…show more content…
It is optimistic and lets us look into the brighter side of things, thereby improving our coping mechanisms. Thoughts like, “I am looking great”, “I can do better than this”, “I will try my best to do it”, etc. are examples of positive self talks. The more a person practice these thoughts in their minds, the happier will he be. On the contrary, negative self talks discourage us, they are self deprecating, and makes us down spirited. Negative thinkers, for this reason, are always grumpy and dissatisfied with everything about themselves and others. Even something good seems negative if we encourage negative self talks like :- “I look stupid”, “Nobody cares about me”, “I will never succeed”, “He/She doesn’t love me anymore”, etc. Our actions are a reflection of our thoughts. However, it is difficult to practice positive self talk always, especially while undergoing a stressful life event. Changing the way we chatter in our minds may be hard in the beginning, but once you master it, it can impact your physical and mental well being in surprising ways. Let us explore the ways in which we can develop positive self
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