Essay On Cowboy Ethics

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There are ten ethics that a cowboy must follow. Some may not be as important as the others, but they are all impactful for the cowboys, and many other people who are in the need of a good way to follow the rules of life. There is no more important one than the other, but some of the ethics stand out more than the others, such as the one this essay will be built upon. Knowing when, and where to draw the line, to me, is easiest the strongest one in my opinion. When people don't understand what they are doing to other beings, including animals, and or any other living thing. Not knowing when to draw the line could be the death of somebody. It can be seen as a form of bullying, which could lead to suicide, or many other horrific crimes that cannot be predicted. Only the person committing the bullying will see what is going on in the victim's head. Victims all around the world have to…show more content…
Being nice is one of the easiest things somebody could ever do. I have seen what being nice to somebody can do; it brightens their day, makes them happy, and of course, makes them feel like an actual person who feels needed and or wanted. Sadly there is two sides to the sword, not everyone is a nice person, and destroy minds. Being mean to somebody compared to being nice, is completely opposite of eachother. Personally i think being mean to somebody is extremely difficult for the victim to cope with, but being nice is almost like receiving a gift, and could be cherished for a long time. It is very clear that people do not know what they are actually doing. It is very sad to see people who have been crushed by simple words. The world today is definitely not a safe place if we are talking about bullying because of how blind thousands of people seem to be. That doesn't mean everybody is a bad person. Just because you are not a bad person, does not mean you are a good person

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