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Chapter 1: The Original Stan Smiths The Adidas Stan Smith shoe has proven to be a force to reckon with amongst the top selling shoe styles of the twenty first century. Although the exact style of the shoe was originally released in 1963, Adidas makes sure the Stan Smith is still a relevant player in this modern age of athleisure fashion all over the globe. Athleisure fashion is a new style where athletic clothing is worn out and about even when not participating in an athletic activity. Their popularity is so apparent that it is increasingly common to run into a pair (or two or ten) being sported while out in public, no matter where in the world you are. However, there was a time before Stan Smiths were the most popular ‘kicks’ [tennis shoes] on the streets. A time before any brand of tennis shoe, for that matter, was a part of the everyday outfit and was, instead, only considered suitable when participating in a sport. Auspiciously, this limited perception of the tennis shoe shifted over time, greatly due to the Adidas brand and their introduction of the staple shoe style, the…show more content…
And in-between, we have scored big and also, sometimes, struggled to reach our goals. We have done our best for the best. We have improved and grown. Looking ahead to the future, always remembering where we came from. Originating in Herzogenaurach, Germany, the Adidas Design Company began in a small workshop by company founder Adolf Dassler (better known as Adi). In 1920 Adi Dassler’s first canvas running shoe was born. With this being his first attempt at creating an athletic shoe, Dassler took the secure route, utilizing canvas as the main design component, which was also used by other shoe brands such as Converse, Keds, and his rival company Puma. However, Dassler was always striving for new technologies and innovation, which would continue to set his company apart from other brands for the next

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