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Gunsmithing Gunsmithing is the process of fixing, refinishing, and accessorizing firearms. Gunsmithing has been around for many years and continues to change as firearms change. In this research paper I have information on career requirements and qualifications, working conditions and salary, the typical day for a gunsmith, future needs for the career, my interest in the career, and the information I acquired from my personal interview. Career Requirements and Qualifications Gunsmithing doesn’t require many years of college or a long tedious program that makes you wanna pull your hair out the minimum amount of education you need is a high school diploma or GED. Although there are different programs you can take that are gunsmithing programs that give you better knowledge of firearms. “An associate's degree program in gunsmithing typically takes two years to complete”(“Gunsmithing Training Programs”). “Although…show more content…
A gunsmith may clean a gun, fix a part, he may sight in a scope, or finish a stock. Any jobs hours depends on where you work. According to (“Pershall Jake”) , who has been a gunsmith for 16 years, he commented, “My work day usual work day lasts from about 7:00 am to about 6:00 pm”. I asked him what the best part of the day was and his response was. “ The best thing you can do as a gunsmith is when you take a broken firearm and you fix it and make the firearm function properly”. I proceeded to ask him what his least favorite part of the day was and he replied. “ My least favorite part is when I get a gun and nothing is going my way it doesn’t wanna be fixed and it takes me an hour to get it working”. A gunsmith’s job is not the easiest there are always new challenges to overcome. A gunsmith might have a jammed extractor or a sticky bolt. It is their job to find the problem and fix what needs to be fixed to make their customer

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