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"My Papa's Waltz" Annotated Bibliography Bogen, Don. "'Intuition' And 'Craftsmanship': Theodore Roethke At Work." Papers On Language & Literature 18.1 (1982): 58. Literary Reference Center. Web. 3 Apr. 2016. This article is a poetry review by Don Bogen. Bogen discusses the work of Theodore Roethke, with focus given to his poet composition process. He analyses' Roethke's writing process. Also, his composition of the poem, "Where Knock Is Open Wide" is spoken about. And his use of symbolism. Janssen, Ronald R. "Roethke's MY PAPA's WALTZ." Explicator 44.2 (1986): 43-4. Literary Reference Center. Web. 2 Apr. 2016 In this article, Ronald Janssen offers criticism on the poem, "My Papa's Waltz" by Theodore Roethke. He talks about a lot in his literary criticism of the poem, but he focuses on the true meaning of the word "Waltz" in the article, as the author uses it in the poem and the tone it gives the poem. I will use this information in my essay to determine Roethke's real emotion and tone towards this memory he shares with his father.…show more content…
Theodore Roethke: An Introduction to the Poetry. New York, 1967. Print. Karl Malkoff is a fan on Roethke. Unlike a lot of other critics who say that Roethke means nothing in his poems and they say that his words of no meaning. Malkoff uses this book to show the "suggestiveness of Roethke's symbolism", and he hopes to show that his poetry does have meaning. I will use Malkoff's work in my essay to help show the symbolism that Roethke uses, making it less challenging to the reader to understand the importance in his poems and the way that they are

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