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American Teen by Khalid is a new song that is directed towards teens and their American heritage. The song is about how good life is, how much we are given and the opportunities we have and that we should take hold of them and in the process learn who we are and also change the world. We as Americans know what we want and we shape our future with the mistakes and goals we achieve. American teens are the foundation of what the American individual should be and how they should live. That is always trying new things, having fun in life, and along the way learning new lessons. “Living the good life full of goodbyes/My eyes are on the grey skies/Saying I don't want to come home tonight” (Khalid 1-3) The American dream is to live a free life and…show more content…
“Where all the girls are pretty/And they're down for the hype” (Khalid 8-9) Teens are always ready to get hype and party everyday especially on the weekend and they always take the opportunity. Living in a crime filled world with hate and there being no end in sight, we just want to get away from all of that and have a good time. Being the youth of America, we have a long time to change the world, and maybe even changing ourselves. “My youth is the foundation of me/Living life as an American teen” (Khalid 37-38) What we do shapes us into who we will be later living the American…show more content…
“But I've been waiting all year/To get the he** up out of here” (Khalid 19-20) Even after everything is said and done we can still chase after more and more opportunities because as American we are free to chase after whatever dream we choose. “But who cares, who cares/'Cause this is our year” (Khalid 12-13) Khalid talks about that “oh sh**” moment post-graduation when everything seems like it has moved so fast and we start to wonder if took charge of our lives. “Maybe the end is near”(Khalid 18) Along with being free, having all the opportunities we always have to come back to reality and see what is right in front of us.We also have to remember how down are friends are to be as hype as us and that we always have someone there for us. “American Teenager/And I'll be living this dream with you” (Khalid

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