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As a young child, I knew exactly what I wanted my profession to be, however as time passes on the clarity began to fade away and the uncertainty appeared. As my secondary education is coming to a close, I need to find the certainty that I once had. Throughout this essay I will compare and contrast the two major professions that I am considering pursuing, pharmacy and physical therapy. In the process of writing this essay, I will hopefully begin to understand what profession will be a better fit for myself and my lifestyle. Moveover, I will compare the basic duties, work environments, educational process, top universities, job outlook, and salary of each career. To begin, the duties of a Pharmacist are critical to a patient's health,…show more content…
After the education process a board exam must be pasted to become a licensed pharmacist, the state board of pharmacy licensure examination. Many times Pharmacy students partake in residencies or fellowships out of college to increase their understanding of what the job holds. These programs are highly individualized based on the person and the facility, and are similar to what a surgeon might participate in after medical school. Some Universities in Michigan that have well renowned Pharmacy programs are, The University of Michigan, Wayne State University, and Ferris State University. The academic requirements of a Physical Therapist require a Doctoral degree in physical therapy, which takes on average six to seven years to complete. Most Physical Therapists earn a bachelor's degree and then partake in a three year DPT educational program, according to “Explore Health Careers”. The bachelor's degree of pre-physical therapy students usually involve biology, anatomy, kinesiology and other studies similar to these. Wayne State is also known for their well developed Physical Therapy Programs and is ranked 63rd in the country, as expressed by “Top Pharmacy Schools in

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