The Importance Of Speaking English Language

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Today, many EFL learners try to develop their SS. For the reason that, they who masters the SS, is also mastering the other skills. Because, the ability to speak a language means that having already learned enough language features as lexicon and grammar, expressive devices like: stress, volume, and speed with the use of non-verbal forms that help them conveying meaning easily. As well, having a sufficient knowledge of the language’s culture and the ability to interact with other that means being able to send and receive information rapidly with no barriers. 1.4. Goals of SS Speaking a language is the most demanded skill in different domain even after educational phase. As Baker & Westrup (2003) mentioned in the work of Nur Ilianis & Mohamad Jafre, “Many employers demand people who can speak good English as they require their staff to communicate within international marketplace” (2016, p. 3). This means, the demand of speaking the English language is increasing since the English language became the international language for trade, business, economy and education; as they Baker & Westrup (ibid) have mentioned also,…show more content…
At the same time, one can use their valuable skill to contribute to community and country. (Ibid. p.3). In order to learn the SS and master the language very well with a high level of communicative proficiency, EFL learners have to be motivated(1), confident, comprehensible and able to convey the message correctly and easily to avoid confusion or mistakes that lead to the misunderstanding or make the meaning quite difficult to grasp. For that reason, to improve learners’ SS and motivate them teachers have to improve their fluency and accuracy, which are two related main
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