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Trapping: The Enjoyable and Profitable Hobby For centuries, people all around the world have trapped to obtain food and fur. Trapping is a wonderful sport that requires a thorough knowledge of furbearer habits and habitats. It is also a good way to earn money and provides a valuable resource to society. This essay will touch on a few of the controversial aspects of the sport. Despite its many virtues, trapping has been a source of controversy. For example, some people think that animals suffer. Today traps either kill the animal instantly, or humanely restrain the animal. When most people think of trapping they picture large traps with teeth, but these have not been used in many decades. Trapper Education classes, now required to become a licensed trapper, help ensure only humane methods are used. A second source of controversy includes the the accidental trapping of non target animals, including pets. Fortunately, this has become much less common. Trapper Education requirements and increased regulation of trap types can be credited for the safety of modern…show more content…
According to the Wisconsin DNR, by hunting and trapping furbearers, you are reducing the amount of damage done to crops and other property. For example, beavers can destroy the landscape by cutting trees or building dams that lead to flooding. In Wisconsin, habitat for trout has been degraded by uncontrolled populations of beavers. Also, some furbearers prey on threatened or endangered plant and animal species. By keeping populations under control this allows threatened populations to recover. Furbearers themselves will benefit from trapping. Overpopulation of furbearers can lead to the spread of diseases and population crashes. For example, mange, a parasitic skin disease, can become a problem when canines become

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