Persuasive Essay About Overpopulation

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Since the middle ages, humans have been reproducing faster than ever. During the Middle Ages were species that barely hit the one billion mark. In the modern day where we have reached the seven billion mark. We have reached this mark thanks to always improving technology. With technology were able to have better health care, safer jobs, easier lives, better living conditions (depends on your social class and where you live but it’s better than living in a cave or in a place that can be ambushed by a pack of wolves) and pretty much a better everything. Think back when humans used to die from small pox. Back then they didn’t have vaccines that could counter the virus. As life went on, so did technology and by 1798 the first vaccine was developed for small pox. All that thanks to technology. But, also thanks to better technology, humans have been living longer lives and reproducing more which can cause overpopulation. Overpopulation (as the name suggests) is where the number of existing human population exceeds the earths carrying capacity and essentially causes there too be too many people in the world. Overpopulation isn’t just because that we would like to reproduce more, its actually quiet more than that. First off is that there can be a decline in death rate within the world. What that means is that there is a significant case of, us humans are…show more content…
These effects include the depletion of natural resources which has been touched upon above. One effect is the degradation of the environment. This essentially means that with more people in the earth we would have to use more of our natural resources (which isn’t infinite) like oil and coal which, can rise the amount of CO2 emissions’. That leads to global warming, which then can cause the polar ice caps to melt, which in then causes climate patterns to change and sea level to

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