Essay On Open Doors

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It must be quite delightful to spend such a lovely day in class, learning certain amounts of information regarding various amounts of subjects, all to end the period off with swinging the door open with complete disregard for any sort of human life. The apparent contest of who can swing the classroom door open the hardest, is not a very pleasant competition for those in the hall, standing in as mere bonus points for the receiving end of the metal door handle.1 The sudden ripening of classroom doors has been scientifically proven to ruin friendships, create forever lasting urges for vengeance, and has also been proven to be the result of two to three broken ribs, and depending on the angle of trajectory or ones unfortunate height, a very severe…show more content…
Others could even argue that flinging doors open at rapid speeds would be a great attribute for releasing stress, it’s not like flying body parts at the other end of the wooden door would be of any significance anyways. Though in all reality, cutting off both arms wouldn’t be bad, on the contrary, it’d be the most beneficial outcome. Cutting off both arms would result in the virtue of patience being developed, as members of the exclusive armless club would have to wait for the precious opportunity to be able to successfully walk through any classroom door. Another benefit would be that it’d reduce the vast amount of injuries suffered in the school community, thanks to armless people having the inability of turning classroom doors into inevitable, painful obstacles. Those armless individuals would also eventually develop empathy, as they’d have to face the adversity of attempting to detain any future objects that would ever come in their general direction, which again would be quite a delight to
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