Valley Forge Would You Have Quit Analysis

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The question for this essay is “Valley Forge: Would You Have Quit”.This is a hard question ,but if I was one of George Washington I probably would have quit. I would have quit because the living conditions were very bad, soldiers didn’t have shoes or stockings, and all the soldiers were getting sick and dieing. In this essay I will tell about the problems the soldiers faced and why I wouldn’t want to be faced with them. The huts the soldiers were living in were very bad. Most of the huts didn’t ventilate well. The smoke from the fire would build up in the huts and force the soldiers to open the door. By opening the door you let all the heat out that the fire is producing. This problem led to soldiers freezing to death. The soldiers also had to eat spoiled and rotten food and it would make most soldiers “Vomit half my time”(Doc-C:PG-63). The food was often referred to as “Poor”(Doc-C:PG-63) and you could hear most soldiers saying “No meat! No meat!)(Doc-C:PG-63).…show more content…
Some of the soldiers did not even have shoes and were barefoot. Some with holes in there pants and missing toes from getting frost bit as seen in the picture on Doc B. The soldiers often times had only one pair of cloths and had to wear the same dirty and muddy clothing every day. The army met with the congress but the congress did not do much for the soldiers. In the “Hook Exercise” the box shows that the British were paying more for food then the continental army. This hurt Washington's food supply because “everyone has a little bit of greed in them”(Mr. Sipe) and would probably take the more money than the less

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