Personal Statement Essay: Why I Want To Attending College

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Overtime, my outlook on attending college and my parents views have changed and matured. Throughout the many years of schooling, my parents have praised me for my grades, pushing to continue to college and earn a degree. At the time, I was not interested, especially since my parents wanted to me study engineering or medicine. I thought college was a waste of time and money. However, since most people need a college degree to score a dependable job, I pushed myself in school, spending hours studying. Now, with straight A’s throughout high school, except for a high B in anatomy last year (but we are not going to talk about that), I have grown to respect my parents’ wishes and concern to attend college. As of now, I’m interested in studying civil engineering. While studying, the plan is to earn a engineering degree at SWIC, then continue…show more content…
Obviously, I will have to take out student loans and pay thousands of dollars in debt. However, with money from scholarships, I would be able to reduce the amounting debt. In addition to scholarship money, I plan to continue to work around my class schedule. Presently, I am working at Papa Vito’s, making minimum wage with no hope for any kind of raise, they have never given anyone a raise, ever. Hopefully when I turn 18, I will be able to acquire a better paying job, or at least a job that will give their employees a raise. Being 18 allows more opportunities of jobs that will not only pay better, but will work around a school schedule. Along with finding a better job, I plan to save money to buy a car in order to have better gas mileage on my commute. With a car, I can spending 30 dollars on gas instead of 60. Overall, my plan is to minimize the amount that I will have to spend in college debt. Meaning, anything I can do to pay off college debt, scholarships, grants and working to save money. However, scholarships will not only help myself, but will also save money for my

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