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Peterson Pierre AC1205262 Multicultural Psychology Assignment 8 Briefly describe the relative perspective on psychopathology and the universalist perspective on psychopathology. Which perspective most closely matches your own? Provide two (2) supporting facts to justify your choice. “Human beings develop ideas, establish behavioral norms, and learn emotional responses according to a set of cultural prescriptions. Therefore, people from different cultural settings should understand psychological disorders differently, and the differences should be significant.” The relative perspective of psychopathology is unique and different for each culture, is culture-specific, and cannot be understood outside of its own context. Some examples of this are religious, political, and social norms, for which each country should be different. consequently, it could be considered…show more content…
Example: A student who is getting a good grade because of a good tutor while a bad can be because of lack of effort from the student. Group-serving bias: it is about the same as self-serving bias but better use in group” Group-Serving Bias is the human tendency to consistently attribute a group's successes to its own efforts, and to attribute failures to outside interference.” One example: workers of MacDonald likes to talk about how good their food and services are, while discredit their competitors such as Burger King, Wendy’s. Provide two (2) original examples of instances in which conformity would be an effective behavioral response. Explain why, providing two (2) supporting

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