Andrew Jackson Vs The Cherokee Analysis

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In the article of “Andrew Jackson versus the Cherokee,” Andrew Jackson wasn’t love by the Indians at all; in fact he hated the Indians because the Indians are getting support and protected by the Supreme Court. In this article, Robert V. Remini says, “Chief Justice John Marshall handed down his decision on March 18, 1831… but he also rejected Jackson’s claim that they were subject to state law” (355). Jackson’s claim is that the Indians are relying on the Supreme Court more than themselves, which is why Jackson dislike people who is getting depended on instead of taking care of themselves. However, the Indian does not like Jackson too. The main reasons the Indians do not like Jackson is because he had taken their land and causes many Indians…show more content…
It happen during Black Hawk War when Chief Black Hawk led two groups, the Sac and Fox Indians, back to their home in Illinois because they “found their western country unacceptable…” (356). However, the Illinois militia drove the Indians into Wisconsin and killed more than three hundred Indians. After the war, they kept Black Hawk and his chiefs as prisoners and hostages. When Jackson became president, he sent Black Hawk to Fortress Monroe and so he does what Jackson order him to do because he doesn’t want violence and kept his promised to keep the peace. After a couple of years when Black Hawk had been released and saw Jackson again at the hotel in Baltimore, Jackson says, “When I saw you in Washington, I told you that you had behaved very badly, in raising the tomahawk against white people, and killing men, women and children upon frontier…”(358). This quote shows how Black Hawk hated Jefferson very much. He lost most of his people, yet they do not want to use violence against the white settlers when they are trying to go back to their home town. The white settlers started the Black Hawk War when they pleaded the federal government for protection of the Indians invasion. Therefore, the Indians do not like Jackson because they lost numerous of Indians during the war in

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