Counselors In Yolanda Ridge's The Value Of Genetic Counselors?

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Last year, Opal went to the doctor for a strange lump in her breast. Thankfully, it was not cancer, but the doctor delivered a grim piece of news. She had a mutation in the BRCA1 gene, which meant a high likelihood of a cancer diagnosis later in life. Opal had no idea how to process the information, so her doctor sent her to a genetic counselor. Not everyone has the same opinion on going to the doctor, and definitely not everyone reacts to a diagnosis in a similar manner; highlighting why M.D. Pim Suwannarat in “The Value of Genetic Counselors” stresses the importance of genetic counselors as a bridge of communication between doctors and patients. Yolanda Ridge’s novel, Inside Hudson Pickle brings the patient’s perspective of genetic testing to light, whereas Karen Heller’s “Genetic counseling: DNA Testing for the Patient” focuses on the clinical perspective and reasoning behind genetic testing. No matter what point of view these authors write from, they all agree on one thing. Another voice besides a doctor is necessary to give a patient closure about a possibly life-changing diagnosis.…show more content…
Some people are scared enough that they try avoiding a diagnosis altogether. Especially in the case of Hudson’s mother in Inside Hudson Pickle, who is so in denial about her son’s asthma being something more serious, she avoids taking the advice from quite a few medical professionals to go see a genetic counselor. The origin of the denial stemmed from the previous diagnosis of Hudson’s uncle with a lung-affecting genetic

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