Long Term Care In Nursing Home Essay

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Although most people who receive care in a nursing home are elderly with one or more chronic conditions (long-lasting conditions that require regular treatment), younger people with debilitating conditions (such as multiple sclerosis), mental disabilities or serious disabling injuries (such as traumatic brain injury or a spinal cord injury) may also receive care in a nursing home. The most common reason for admission to a nursing home is the loss of the ability to perform one or more ADLs independently. Many residents of nursing homes have some degree of cognitive impairment. Cognitive impairment is diffi culty with thinking processes involving memory, reasoning, judgment and language, such as that caused by disorders like Alzheimer’s disease (a…show more content…
Someone with dementia may be physically able to function but may need a great deal of help because she has trouble remembering how to care for herself. What is it like to work in a long-term care setting? Nurse assistants are the key staff in providing for the needs of long-term care residents, especially those in nursing homes. Providing restorative care (care that helps people maintain abilities that they still have, and regain, to the greatest extent possible, abilities that they have lost) is a major focus for nurse assistants working in nursing homes. In addition to helping residents meet their physical needs, nurse assistants are an important source of emotional support for residents and their families. Coming to live in a long-term care facility can be a big adjustment for the person and his or her family members. Many times, a sudden event (such as a stroke or the loss of a spouse) makes admission to a long-term care facility necessary. Most people do not choose to come to live at a long-term care facility, and have little time to prepare for this change in their lives. The emotions that accompany admission to a nursing home can

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