Essay On Non Verbal Communication

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ABSTRACT Communication is a process of delivering a message from sender to the recipient through the process of verbal and non-verbal to get the effect from communication. Bank Muamalat is the first commercial bank which implemented the system and principles of Islamic syariah in Indonesia. non-verbal communication needs to be run on Islamic banks to help the delivery of verbal messages. This research was carried out by using quantitative descriptive method, the respondents in this study is the general affairs (Teller, Customer Service and Security). The result showed that nonverbal communication such as facial expressions and eye motion (3.09), Motion gestures and posture (3.15), the characteristic sound (3.21), touch behavior (3.22), and the use of time and space (3.08) can help Teller,…show more content…
Lifting head when interacting with customers is considered very rude. This is due to gestural messages (gestures) such as lifting the head too high when interacting with customers can give meaning to contrast. Message gestural movements showed some members of the various agencies to communicate the meaning or significance. Reveals a gesture as encouraging message, limit, adjust, counterpoised, responsive / unresponsive, attention / no attention, launching, approve / reject. There are three meanings that can be conveyed through posture message is immediacy (revealed preferences or dislikes of others), power (high disclosure on the self-communicators) and responsiveness (react emotionally). Teller, customer service and security do not use non-verbal communication such as talking with a finger pointing to the customer, but they use other ways such as using the thumb as a pointing device for the client. It is more effective in conveying the message to the customer so that the service can be improved. Characteristics of
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