Unit 5 Health And Social Care P2

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In my essay I will be explaining the role of effective communication in health and social care settings between colleagues, service users and why multi-agency working is important in effective communication. I will be including communication forms, interpersonal interactions, communication and language needs and preferences. The communication forms I will be talking about are: text messaging communication, written communication and oral communication. Text message communication is very widespread nowadays, from teenagers texting their mates to NHS texting their patients. When a patient has an appointment with the NHS trust they automatically send them a text on their phone a day before their appointment reminding them where it is at and at what time their appointment is. It’s very common and used in different types of communication because it is really important and very widespread nowadays. When we write important information we try to make sure it is clear, spelled correctly. Clear to read and understand also make sure that the information given is right so our service users don’t get mislead. It is an easy way to stay in contact with service users and make sure they are attending their appointments. Some health workers find it easy to communicate with…show more content…
This maybe because they are our friends, family or we know them so it is comfortable talking to them in an unprofessional way. Slang can be used quite a lot in informal language however it would not offend because you may be comfortable and use to speaking to friends and family like that. If you said to a family member or a friend ‘dude I don’t feel well I feel like crap’ they would understand however if you said that to a service user they would think that it is very rude and they would class the whole thing as a joke. Informal and formal communication needs to be used with the right people at the right time viewing on the

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