Sia Airlines Case Study

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Eventually, SIA won numerous awards as “The best airline” for the innovation and these were the reason of attack for SIA to participate among its competitors and to shore up its company strategy. Nevertheless, position is another way for a company to find themselves in marketplace. In this way, a management could identify their strength and weakness; and helps them to explore the fit between environment and the organization for further development. As mentioned previously, SIA has strong brand image in customer mind. This is because; they provided best services which impressed customers by creativity and continuous improvement. Thus, SIA gaining certain competitive advantages in target market by satisfied the customers demand. SIA maintaining…show more content…
There are threat of new entrants, bargaining power of buyers, threat of substitutes, bargaining power of suppliers, and competitors. By using this framework a manager seek to understand the organization context and current competitive position in global market. These five forces help to find the reasons for some unbalancing growth and failure of different companies in similar industry. Furthermore, Porters five forces is a tool for management to identify whether business or services have the potential to be profitable and to formulate a company future strategy.According to this, each of these forces should critically inspectin order to analyze the success of SIA…show more content…
In airline industry price is highly sensitive issue. The bargaining power of buyers was extremely high in airline industry. Most of the airlines are charge similar price but their services are different. This may cause low switching costs between other airlines because people have rights to choose the flight based on their preference. Buyer power was increased mainly in sites of online booking because customers allow comparing the ticket price and flight times with best offer by travel agents. It is important to understand consumer experiences and satisfactions on SIA’s services for identify how it provides value to passenger as well as how they chose it and to develop further marketing strategies to impress customer. For instance, SIA also offered a loyal schemes which known as ‘KrisFlyer’ program to overcome the switching

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