Kinesics And Non-Verbal Communication

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Kinesics According to experts, only 7% of what we communicate is through words, hence the remaining 93% is non-verbal; that is just an amazing fact. Non-verbal communication happens practically in every conversation. We communicate using different types of gestures as the name indicates, non-verbal or without words. There are five specific gestures that I’d elaborate about in this essay, and they are: 1 emblems, illustrators, regulators, adaptors, and affect displays. I found the task of going somewhere and watching people talk, a tad disturbing, therefore I decided to find something on TV then mute it and take notes, and I believe it’ll be suitable for the purpose of this experiment. Just imagine having some stranger watching you and taking notes on your conversation, it felt odd and a bit disturbing, thus my setting for this essay will be my living room and I’ll be writing about whichever scene I can pick out of the TV.…show more content…
Different cultures have different modes of communication and ethnic gestures, as well as different ways of interpreting them, we should be careful when using gestures among us specially if the person we are communicating with comes from a different culture than ours. As we already know, denotation —dictionary interpretation— is not the same as connotation—personal interpretation— moreover, there are many things that play a role in communicating, for instance,

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