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Have you ever asked yourself why, these days among those building their lavish houses, most if not all, tend to build a theater room in the house? Well if you do, then you will realize why I stand before you today to support the notion that, it is important to have movie nights at home than going to the expensive movie theater since it can come about with so many pros than cons. Kindly allow me to walk you through my research. Body I have come to realize that, one of the greatest ways to either bond with your kids or end a busy week is by having a family movie night. With these ideas that I am about to share with you at hand, you can turn your movie night with family a fun experience for the whole family. It is high time we all considered starting this trend and making fun family moments for a movie night fun. First, we have to schedule it. Make it a regular date and time and don't…show more content…
Assume a family of four (two adults, two children) goes to the movies on a Friday night. I can’t as easily research concessions, but let’s say they spend at least $7 per person for a combo selection it can total to around $61.00 for, at most, three hours of entertainment. Some may find that reasonable, I think it’s ridiculous, and for more reasons than just the cost. There is simply no convenience to going to the movie theater. Now let’s calculate the cost of staying home and renting a DVD from the local video store it can total to around $19.28 (prices including popcorn and traveling cost on average). Alone, I have saved my family a whopping $ 41.72! And we can sit in the comfort of our home. But as they say, everything has its pros and cons. The disadvantages of watching the movie at night with family include, you will have to wait for the movie to come out as a clear copy. This may take long and you and the kids might end up watching the movie way long after other people have watched it and this may affect the kids

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