Consumerism In American Society: How It Really Work

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Consumerism as defined by in Consumerism In American Society: How It Really Works. by Erik Olin Wright and Joel Rogers as “Consumerism is the belief that personal wellbeing and happiness depends to a very large extent, on the level of personal consumption; particularly, on the purchase of material goods. The idea is not simply that wellbeing depends upon a standard of living above some threshold, but that at the center of happiness is consumption and material possessions. A consumerist society is one in which people devote a great deal of time, energy, resources and thought to “consuming”. The general view of life in a consumerist society is consumption is good, and more consumption is even better”. (Wright, E., & Rogers, J. (2011).). For…show more content…
(Griffin, E. (2006).) In the text, A First Look at Communication Theory by EM Griffin, we read about the agenda setting theory of McCombs and Shaw which states, that mass media determines what we think and worry about. This movie I think is an example of that very theory because it does not tell us what to think but what to think about. We as an audience walk away from this film and it shapes our opinions. While McCombs and Shaw were discussing a different form of mass media, I felt that it really applied to this movie. This is a movie that requires your full attention, not only because of the plot and theme but the camera shots and aesthetics…show more content…
(Bordwell, D. (2002, April 1).) From this style, a style known as the “new Hollywood” style emerged in the 80s. Bordwell states that the “new Hollywood” style is composed of four “tactics” in terms of camera use and editing that work in tandem to create a film that belongs to this unique category: “bipolar extremes of lens length (ASL), closer framings in dialogue scenes, more rapid editing and the use of a free-ranging camera”.( Bordwell, D. (2002, April 1).) The movie Fight Club is a film that fits directly into the “new Hollywood” style with its drastic and enhanced changes in technique which are the hallmarks of the “new Hollywood” style. This movie features Edward Norton as the lead, who plays the protagonist; a man whom we never do learn what his name is but instead it is left up to the viewer to decide; however, for this piece I will call him Jack, protagonist or narrator. However; it should be noted that he is referred to as Jack much later on in the movie. The antagonist in this film is Tyler Durden, whom is played Brad Pitt. The films leading lady Marla Singer, is played by Helena Bonham

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