Social Infrastructure Analysis

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Infrastructure is today used as the new developmental term used by many, Anthropologists inclusive. It is that modern form of development (basic physical items of a country’s community population built upon examples like; roads, water systems, transportation, airports and utilities to improve productivity. In other words, it can also be seen as long-term physical assets that operate in markets for provision of goods and services. Infrastructures are of various types; economic, social, Information technology and many others. Economic and social infrastructures are complimentary factors in achieving development. Social infrastructure consists of social connections and organizations that build up a community because strong social infrastructure…show more content…
One can say at as Abdoumaliq puts it in his work, “the city is considered as a locus for the composition of social processes, including the production of specific actors with specific capacities and understandings, and as a site of contestation among diverse aspirations and interests”. Despite the fact that the city is considered as one of the best and cleanest city in the South West and Cameroon today (Ebot, 2007) the issue of poor sanitation in some parts of the town remains a major concern. The problem faced in most towns today could be attributed to the unplanned urbanization process of the rapidly growing population (Charles, 213). Focus on this paper is on effects of inadequate sanitation in…show more content…
During raining seasons, some jubilate because they then depend on rain water to do most of their activities. Their activities with water in the dry season is limited so they wash their cloths in the streams, walk long distances to carry water used in cooking, defecate in the streams thus intoxicating the water. This stream runs right through the entire neighborhood, a church around the corner where others carry water to bathe and channels right into the sea where fishing is

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