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“Salmon make their way up particular streams, the ones that lead back to their specific place of birth, there to renew life by propagating the next generation” - Richard T. Jameson Introduction This essay explores the representation of home within the movie My Own Private Idaho (1991) through these main two points. The first point analyzes the shakespearean subtlety that is tied into the discourse of the film, and meanings behind the specific shakespearean story; that follows Mike and Scott two characters that will be compared throughout the essay to Falstaff and Prince Hal from Henry IV, and the representation of home. The second point explores the definitions and relationships between Road movies and New Queer Cinema. Shakespearean subtlety My Own Private Idaho (1991)…show more content…
Scott turns from Hal to Harry by adopting Camella as an image of privilege, responsibility and stability. Scott further transformed when he returned to America learning of his fathers death he fully transforms from Harry to King Harry and as he declared when he turns twenty one he “want no more of this.” Scott found a sense of home by building his own family and fulfilling what his real father wanted him to be which he believed would make him a better king. During his time in Italy Mike never finds his mother but instead loses Scott which was his protector in a way. Mike again finds himself with the American hustlers only to find himself outside of Scott’s hypothetical coronation where Scott undermines who he calls his ‘true father’ Bob Pigeon who represents Falstaff in Henry IV. Scott dismisses Bob by telling his he is the reason behind his rebellious phase and that he is just an old man, Bob dies that night out of “heartbreak”. Road Movies and New Queer

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