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The Canadian based movie Breakaway is a great example of social problems related to family, culture, and the majority and minority issues. This essay will reflect on the movie and analyze the family system, family theories, and culture issues. The movie starts off with a strange scene where an Indian boy is playing hockey for Toronto Maple Leafs which is a white ethnic dominated game. That first scene was a dream of a boy name Rajveer Singh who belongs in a Sikh nuclear family living in Toronto. Rajveer has a great passion for hockey and he is also plays very well but Rajveer’s father (Darvesh) is in separation from the Canadian culture. Rajveer’s father (Darvesh) wants Rajveer to take over Uncle Sammy’s trucking business. Taking over the trucking…show more content…
That argument ends off by Darvesh looking at Rajveer’s picture when he was young saying “I wonder where the boy has gone; I don’t know this boy who has cut his hair”. During this argument we learn the role of the mother; she is trying to understand both the father and the son. The father’s perspective of how he came to Canada with only 8 dollars and the son’s perspective that they are not still living as that same time the father came to Canada. Darvesh is a strict Sikh who attends the temple regularly and wears a turban. Like many visible minority groups Rajveer also faced discrimination from a very young age which pushed him towards the accommodation side. The discrimination made him start adopting the Canadian culture over his own culture by taking off his turban and cut his hair at a very young age (which is not allowed in the Sikh…show more content…
Rajveer falls in love with Melissa the first time he sees her at the game. He tries to talk to her but Dan steps in making the moment awkward. After the argument at home Darvesh tells Rajveer he is not allowed to play hockey anymore and he has to go to the temple on his spare time to volunteer. While leaving the temple Rajveer saw few young Sikh boys playing floor hockey. Watching them play hockey Rajveer thought of something that is a big step for his ethnic group, he wanted to make an all Sikh hockey team which did not exist. Sharing his thoughts with those young men they laughed saying it’s a white people game and there is no such thing as Sikh team. Rajveer convinces them to make a team along with him to play for the Honda Cup. The new team of Sikh go to practice at the ice arena where Dan is watching them play and decides to become their coach for the team. Dan is surprised by their entire last name because their entire last name is Singh, that shows how unaware Dan is with the Sikh culture or the Indian Culture over all. During this practice Rajveer meets Melissa for the second time but this time imaging a strange scene where both of them are skating in front of the Taj Mahel, here we see how Rajveer has both culture Indian and Canadian culture in him. As being minority we have to

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