Why Is Night Crawler Unethical

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Now-a-days, there are a lot of photographers and film makers that do whatever they can to create the best image for the public. There are some that follow the ethical ways and there are also some that will go to extremes and will do the most unethical things ever. You may think that there are ways rules that ALL photographers should follow. I have made a basic list of three rules that photographers should follow. I have two examples of photos; one of the photographers follows the rules just right and one that does not follow the rules at all. If every photographer followed the same rules, it would make the photography world a lot easier than it is. In this essay I will be comparing the ethical and unethical traits that Frank Fournier and…show more content…
Throughout this movie, Lou Bloom, the main photographer in the movie did whatever he could to capture that candid shot. Lou’s job was to sell local news broadcasters his photography and film to get the “latest: story out on the news with as much detail as possible. Lou went to the extreme to capture these photos and get the best and most in depth film he could get. He did so many unethical things that I will give you three different scenes from the movie that will break all of the rules that makes an ethical photographer. The first scene that I will be talking about is the car crash. There was a car crash in town and Lou went to the scene to check it out. When he got there, the scene was empty. There weren’t any cops there yet, Lou grabbed the man and slid him out of the car so he could capture a great photo. This was a very unethical thing to do. He broke one of the most important rules. He physically grabbed the man out of his car to capture a great photo. He was not compassionate at all for the victims and he could have ruined the police investigation. Another scene from this movie was a triple homicide. Lou Bloom went into the driveway of someone’s home. He noticed that there were two men going into the home with guns. A little late Lou heard gunshots coming from the home. The men came outside and sped away from their cars. A few minutes later, Lou decided that he wanted to go inside of the…show more content…
The photo of Omayra is very sad. A lot of people do not know the full story behind this photo. Omayra was a 13-year-old girl from Colombia. The story behind this photo is very shocking and interesting. Omayra was a young girl that was trapped in mud and debris from a mudslide/volcano in Columbia in 1985. If you take a look at the photo, it is very up close and personal. If you look at Omayra, you can see this look in her eyes like she knows that she will not be alive for very long. The mud and debris is almost up to her neck. Her hands are a pasty white as if she is losing the blood in her hands from holding on to the stick so long and tight. Her personal appearance looks like she is well kept up and that she had a good family life before this. You may think that is photo is unethical and the things that Frank Fournier did to get this photo was something that would break all three of the rules. But little did you know, Frank Fournier had some type of relationship with the little girl. Frank Fournier was a reporter; during this accident he was sent to go cover it. When Frank saw Omayra him and a bunch of Red Cross workers tried getting the government to drop the water levels down a tremendous amount so that they could save Omayra. The government said that they would not do it. So the group or guys spent about an hour comforting Omayra and praying for her that she would survive. After a hour Omayra ended

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