Smoke Signals Film Analysis

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Name: Professor: Composition 13 December 2 Final Exam Answer 1. A way of reimagining culture and Native-centered articulation of self-representation that engage the powerful ideologies of mass media is called Visual sovereignty.Through visual sovereignty, filmmakers can show community assertions of what self-representation and visual sovereignty mean and, through new mass media technologies nowadays they can show more imaginative and cultural renderings of Native American cultural paradigms. Answer 2. Indigenous media provides a vehicle to deconstruct the categories of western ontology and establish a third space, a platform from which to assert indigenous knowledge as authentic and coeval. In a native film every key aspect is kept in mind…show more content…
Thomas was saved by Arnold, alcoholic neighbor, who is eventually thrown out by his wife. Both movies have a character (father to leading characters) who have a drinking problem due to which they lost their lives afterwards. The leading characters Victor and Virgil had childhood as their bad memory. Victor was left by his father when he was a boy and Virgil’s father, froze to death returning home drunk one winter's night. In these movies pure Native American culture is shown which makes both these films an indigenous one. Differences The main difference in both films is the personality of leading characters. The unnamed thirty-two-year-old narrator in “Winter in the blood” is a Blackfeet Indian who lives with his mother Teresa and her husband Lame Bull. He lives an unfulfilling aimless life, hanging around the bars in the small towns, getting drunk, picking up women, and getting into…show more content…
In “Smoke Signals”, Victor had built his entire self-concept around the feelings that he had toward his father after meeting Suzy. On the other hand Virgil hated his grandmother for making him half-blood as his grandfather was a white man. Conclusion In the end, “winter in the blood” captures a clear sense of Virgil’s confusion and provides no articulate portrait of who he was, or what he wants to be. It portrays an overlooked modern Native American life and a realistic look at some troubles that this community faces through Virgil's experiences. Virgil is in an alienated state of mind. His emotional life is flat. After loss of his father and brother he has been unable to find his way in life and connect with others. He lacks self-knowledge and a sense of identity. In “Smoke Signals” the story lead to self-discovery of victor and his feelings for his father, the two men (Thomas and Victor) will eventually obtain the ashes and also some wisdom. Meanwhile, we can watch them discover one another. In this process Victor has completely let go of his old feelings and forgiven his father. He felt proud of being Indian. Victor also cleaned out his own mental attic; cleaning out the distorted ideas that he had and starting over a new

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