Lady In The Water

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Lady in the Water Essay Have you ever had something happen to you that was all of a sudden and terrible? In the movie Lady in the Water, the main character, Cleveland, has a terrifying and unforgettable past. In the beginning he just seemed to be a helpful and harmless man just trying to move on through the day. By the end of the movie, after meeting Story and helping her find her way home, he discovers that he's more than what he believes he is. This reveals the main theme of the movie. Just because you believe that the bad things in life make you feel you are no longer worthy, it shouldn't prevent you from regaining your faith and fulfilling your purpose in life. Even if you are not sure what your purpose is yet, don’t let it get in the way. In How to Read Literature like a Professor, there are three chapters that help find common symbols in the movie to support this theme. They were found in the chapters “Marked for Greatness,” “It’s More than just Rain or Snow,” and “Flights of Fancy.” The first symbol in the movie that helped determined the theme was Clevelands stutter. In the chapter “Marked for Greatness” sometimes a hero or main character has a special marking that means more than we…show more content…
In the chapter “Flights of Fancy” the author talks about how flight stands for freedom. When a bird is flying they are away from all business and chaos. This is why birds are most of the time depicted as the symbols of “freedom”. The author also talks about other authors that create characters to defy the law of gravity to try make you the reader getting the feeling that the character is free. During the short scene while the eagle is peacefully flying through the moonlit clouds, it resembles Cleveland's now new freedom after the purifying and rinsing rain. He has become a new person which is resembled by the eagle. A person who can move on and fulfill his duty in

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