Body Manipulation In Society

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Body manipulation has been around for years, it has a long history since the beginning of human history. At the ancient times, body manipulation including tattooing, piecing were used for aesthetic purposes, religion expressions, or showcase of membership. However, despite its long history, body manipulation still considered as a subculture in various society, especially in Asia. For example, even though tattoo has a huge popularity among younger generation in the form of artistry, tattoo is still connected with the mafia (Yakuza) in Japan. Inked persons are banned from hot spring because of the bias. In Hong Kong, it is a similar situation. The majority of citizens compel or look down inked people, because tattoo was popular among the non-educated ,working class or the triad members. On the other hand, piercing is widely accepted, but only ear piercing. Other facial or body piercing is thought as weird or an act of self- destruction. The double standard is very obvious when girls are okay to have one or two earrings, and boys with earrings are not acceptable.…show more content…
The acceptance of tattooing and piercing has increased, more and more people have one or two tattoos on them. Maybe they will hide their tattoos under clothes or just have a full arm of tattoos. Nevertheless, the bias are still lingering in the society in a different form. For instance, inked people are often acknowledged as artists instead of gangsters now, but actually many people with normal occupation are part of tattooed community. In this project, we will be more focusing on the tattoo culture instead of the whole body manipulation community, and discuss the stereotypes of tattoo lovers and the misunderstanding of the body manipulation community. By covering the background stories of the interviewee and our own experiences, we hope that we can get to introduce and clarify this beautiful art form.

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