Kardashian Brand: The Role Of Commercialism In Advertising

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Growing up we were taught wrong from right. These rules were instilled in us therefore most people inevitably obey these rules. Although it is divergent in different cultures, there is still a large common ground that most of us share (Singer, 2011). In 1963 twenty one visual communicators signed Ken Garlands First Things First manifesto, whose bold statement challenged the modern designer to refuse the conform of commercialism within their practice. ‘By far the greatest time and effort of those working in the advertising are wasted on these trivial purposes, which contribute little or nothing to our national prosperity’ (Garland, 1964). In 2000 Garland (1964)’s manifesto was revised by thirty three established artists who wanted to make…show more content…
Their on going presence in the media is overwhelming to say the least, from magazine to magazine the world can’t get enough. From this the ‘Kardashian brand’ has become an empire of commercialism, perfume, a clothing line, a kids clothing line, a makeup brand, a mobile gaming app which brings me to their latest endeavour; digital hubs that are completely dedicated to themselves offering fans and even deeper glimpse into their lives for a monthly subscriptions through media company Whalerock industries. Kim, Khloe, Kendal and Kylie have separate apps/websites all focusing on their own self branding. More than a million fans have signed up in the two weeks since their launch (Guardian, 2015)When first entering the websites you are met with provocative images which for Kylie who has just turned 18 can feel uncomfortable to view. With an audience of predominately young females who are arguably the most venerable and susceptible members of our society is it ethically correct for designers to be helping promote them? Alternatively the ‘Kardashian Brand’ is seen as a image of female empowerment and Kim has been invited to talk on prestigious shows, previously occupied by the american presidents, about impacting issues such a feminism. This essay aims to explore the Kardashian brand and if it is responsible for designers to continue promoting celebrity brands like the

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