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Fahrenheit 451 Definition Essay There is no doubt that happiness is one of the things people desperately desire for. Money, image, and fame, are just a few things among the endless list of wants that people have sought since the existence of humanity to quench their thirst for happiness. However, one must consider if those things bring everlasting satisfaction in the long run. What is happiness? Why do some people have it, but not others? Why is it defined in many different ways? Through the use of concepts from Fahrenheit 451, experiences in my life, and research, the definition of happiness will be examined. First, throughout my experience in life, it has come to my understanding that true happiness is something you find meaning and satisfaction in, and also withstands the test of time - not something that is short-lived. It was…show more content…
The article states that the things that give people happiness, satisfaction and meaning in their lives vary considerably between cultures and that different cultures value happiness in very different ways. In the end, Shinobu Kitayama at Kyoto University in Japan and Hazel Rose Markus at Stanford University, California concludes that “how satisfied a person is with their life depends largely on how successfully they adhere to their particular cultural standard.” This makes sense, because it is usually the society that influences the way one thinks and acts. This can be seen through Montag in Fahrenheit 451 as he first goes along with his society’s norms, but later is dissatisfied due to the fact that he has a hard time following the ways of his society. This is very much apparent in our current society as well, as those who have trouble “adhering” to their cultural standards are likely to be labeled as the “odd” ones, and face discrimination, thus greatly lowering their state of

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