Analysis: Should Everyone Go To College

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Most people think that going to college after high school is such a high risk, low reward, some might say. When in reality it is the other way around. In this world today, Americans chose the “fast way to money” method, which is the mindset of “who needs school” when indeed everyone needs school. Granted that any fast food or factory job will hire this day in age, people still want the quick and easy money. Young people in general, are ok with settling for $10 per hour instead of going to college, and then finding a job after college that makes twice as much as per hour. People today do not realize that if a person chooses to go straight from high school into a real job they are actually losing about 10 percent per year ($3,000 a year) that they chose to sit out from college. A little extra $3,000 in anyone’s pocket wouldn’t hurt.…show more content…
The article also states that on page 210 paragraph four “The earnings premium associated with a college degree grows over a lifetime.” By age 50 it states on page 211 paragraph 1 that “The gap has grown from age 23-25 making $12,000 more, to by age 50 making $46,000 more with a college bachelor’s

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