The Pros And Cons Of Concentration Camps

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“When I came to power, I did not want the concentration camps to become old age pensioner’s homes, but instruments of terror.” –Adolf Hitler. Hitler didn’t want concentration camps a place where old people would live but he wanted to measure the level of terror of all the people living in them. In the Holocaust, there were horrible tragedy’s that occurred due to the horrible living conditions, the hard labor prisoners had to endure, and sadly the different methods of killing people. Living conditions are a very ideal part of your everyday life. The way you live can impact or hurt you in many ways. If you have a good place to live and it is clean, then you shouldn’t get sick very much. On the other hand, if you live in a mess and dirty place the you are more likely to get sick very fast. In 1933, people had very little options on where to live based on what…show more content…
If you were placed in a concentration camp you would have to sleep on a straw mattress that would lay on the floor. In the 1933’s they didn’t have beds or any other furniture available for them to choose so they got what they got. The rooms in the camps were very crowed and small. If you were going to bed you could only sleep on your side. You couldn’t move around at night due to the fact that there were three rows of people laying shoulder to shoulder to each other. The rooms were normally designed for only three people to live in but they smashed about ten times as more people in there then designed for. Rooms didn’t have windows to open or close for air to circulate through so during the winter they had coal-fired tiles that provided them with a light heat and during the summer they just had to deal with the heat since they didn’t have the electricity that we have nowadays. The kitchens that people cooked food in were disgusting. There were rodents running around and contagious disease

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