Essay On Face Recognition

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1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 FACE RECOGNITION The face recognition is one of the most suitable biometric methods, and it also the most common method of recognition that human use graphic interactions. The verification systems based on fingerprint, voice, iris and the most recent gene structures using recognition of data acquisition. For example, fingerprint the concerned person in proper position and orientation and speaker the microphone should be kept in proper position and distance from the speaker. The method of acquiring face images is non intrusive and face can be used as a biometric trait for a covert system. Face is a universal feature of human beings. Face recognition is important not only due to the capability of its lot of potential applications…show more content…
Attempts have been made in computer graphics to model the facial expressions. The expressions are anger, smile, cry, or any other feel like, uneasy or tension. Disguise is another problem encountered by face recognition in practice. Glasses, hairstyle, and makeup all change the appearance of a face. Face Expression approach [2] can be divided into three major steps. The face in an image is known for further processing, facial feature extraction which is the method used to represent the facial expressions and final classification which is the step that classifies the features extracted in the appropriate expressions. Face recognition is an integral part of biometrics. In biometrics basic traits of human are matched to the existing data and depending on result of matching identification of a human being is traced. Facial features are extracted and implemented through algorithms which are efficient and some modifications are done to improve the existing algorithm models. The general face recognition system process used human faces and its extracting feature values and classifying the output images will be displayed in a process. The face recognition system has the following figure-1 given
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