Consumerism In George Romero's Dawn Of The Dead

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In my opinion, because of the change of popular culture in the last decade, political messages embedded in horror movies were reflecting the fears of their historical context (Birch, 2012). Specifically, the 1980’s were a reaction to the political, cultural and economic changes Reagan instilled (Kenneth, 2007).This essay will be discussing issues of Donald trump and the impact of mass media on the modern American, the impact of consumerism on children and how it leads to diseases as well as the global goals role in ending these diseases. They Live (1988) and Dawn of the Dead (1979) will be analysed in relation to the discussed world issues they portrayed. When the main protagonist Nada put on a pair of sunglasses he found, he was able to see the truth, he saw through the advertisements and mass media where he found the core of their messages and the reason why it exists (Vigilant Citizen, 2015). Through different mediums, such as a magazine, newspaper, TV program or dollar bill, the same message is seen throughout, which is to reinforce messages from the elite to the masses (Vigilant Citizen, 2015). To illustrate, Nada sees the phrase ‘they live we sleep’ which means that those in power and who control the country are able to live and…show more content…
From there on the movie focuses on contemporary consumer culture. The issue highlighted which I think is relevant today is whereby the surviving humans are consumers and because the shopping mall provides their need and wants they would not produce it themselves (Bishop, 2010). This represents the criticism of the American economic system of the 1970s era, where there was only consumption and no productive contribution, Georges ideology presents the excess of modern consumerism as it shows in the zombie’s ingestion, how they consume more and more however are yet to be satisfied(Bishop,

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