Essay On Low Self Esteem

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A person with a high self esteem has satisfaction and confidence within themselves. Having a high self esteem can be both negative and positive. Many professionals believe self esteem is the foundation of children's future. Others argue that too much self esteem makes kids arrogant, unsuccessful and narcissist. People claim that self esteem doesn't determine your future, you're the one that can determine your own future by working hard. People shouldn't focus on self esteem as much as they do, they should focus on teaching their kids how to work hard to get what they want because hard work beats talent when talent refuses to work. Everyone has a different perspective on success for example some people think being wealthy is being successful others think being happy with the people you love is being successful although success can be defined in many different ways success is still success and all that matters is how you got there. In the article ¨why chinese mothers are superior¨ in page 3 Amy chau…show more content…
Those people with low self esteem have low self esteem because they aren't doing anything to build their self esteem. Some things those people with low self esteem can do is do things that make them feel confident about themselves for example if school brings their self esteem down due to low grades or low test scores there is many things they can do about that like study harder or studying for a longer period of time but they have to put the time and the work. People who have high self esteem are doing things that keep their self esteem high. People with high self esteem are not only doing good in life but they are doing good academically( by working hard) in the article ¨a short history of self esteem¨ page 3 Roy Baumeister did research and found out that ¨ people with high self-esteem tend to be happier, show more initiative and are less prone to eating
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