The Diathesis-Stress Model: OCD Major Depressive Disor

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The diathesis-stress model, also known as the vulnerability-stress model, is a well-known theory that attempts to account for various illnesses such schizophrenia, OCD Major depressive disorder/unipolar depression. The diathesis-stress model can work in tandem with the biopsychosocial model. The biopsychosocial model is a holistic approachmental illness which considers factor in isolation but proposes a multi-pronged approach to the treatment of such disorders. This essay will the terms diathesis-stress model Major depressive disorder; discuss the merits and disadvantages of the model; explore theory framework used to explain unipolar depression and analyse how effectively the theory accounts for MDD. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual…show more content…
This may lead to low levels of self-esteem in certain adolescent girls and women which in turn can act as a psychological schema that triggers MDD in combination with a stressor or with multiple stressors. A diathesis may also arise from the sociocultural pressures of peers or family members to lose weight in order to conform to the perceived gender expectations society may place on women. This combination of low self-esteem and a major life event such as a family death could trigger various psychological disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and MDD. (Hewstone, Fincham, & Jonathan,…show more content…
While a biological schema may be present to enable the development of MDD, it is argued under the diathesis-stress model that psychological and sociocultural stressors must also be present in order for MDD to develop. This means that when a patient is diagnosed with MDD, the biological vulnerabilities are not just addressed through the prescribing of medication, but that a biopsychosocial approach should also be taken. Patients could also be recommended counselling therapies and other forms of psychological treatment to minimise the impact of stressors. This would then avoid a treatment of symptoms without addressing the cause of the appearance of said symptoms. (Cromby & Bell,

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