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Alice Walker Beauty: When the other dancer is self; is about a self –discovery after a tragic accident. In the essay, Walker shares a timeline of her journey of living with a disability. As a young child, she is beautiful, smart, peaceful, confident, inspirational, fearless, and self-motivated. After the accident, Walker perception of herself change. She became a different person, insecure, worthless, ashamed, and low self-esteem. Throughout, the essay Walker questions did I change after the accident “No you did not change,” they say. Walker wants her family to acknowledge that she did change. Beauty is acceptance, happiness, and embracing self-imperfections. Acceptance is being able to embrace the life changes through your journey. While reading the essay I realize that Walker never fully accept that her injury was actually an accident. Even years later, Walker still reminisce on the day the accident happens asking questions for closure. Although, she knows her conditions of her injury, but she continually abuses her eye. Accepting your disability is not having surgery to remove the scar, but by embracing your disability for what it is. She has to forgive her brothers for the accident; therefore, she can fully accept her disability. Sometimes acceptance is difficult…show more content…
I disagree with Walker perception of beauty. She believes that beauty is more of external beauty, and not internal beauty. I believe beauty is both. What is the difference between external and internal? External beauty is the physical appearance viewed by others. Although, external beauty is the view of others through your skin complexions, body shape, fashion, hair, makeup etc. Internal beauty comes from being true to yourself. However, internal beauty is representations of yourself, attitude, actions, character, and spirit. Beauty is embracing your self-imperfections by accepting your external beauty by believing in yourself is

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