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Livestock is farm animal such as cow and pig etc. that are kept animal, and sale animals to get benefit from their meat. Livestock are trained creatures brought up in a rural setting to deliver products, for example, meat, milk, calfskin, and fleece. The term is frequently used to allude exclusively to those raised for nourishment, and now and then just cultivated ruminants, for example, dairy cattle and goats. As of late, a few associations have additionally raised domesticated animals to advance the survival of uncommon breeds. The rearing, support, and butcher of these creatures, known as creature cultivation, is a segment of current agribusiness that has been honed in many societies since mankind's change to cultivating from seeker gatherer…show more content…
As we know livestock farming productions are egg, milk, and red meat. Specifically, People should try to eat less red meat because it is one of the reasons that human get heart disease. For example, "Human gut bacteria can metabolize L-carnitine, a substance found in red meat"(Dr. Marchelo). Furthermore, red meat is one of the most demanded foods, and people tend to eat in the daily meal. People may not know the risks of red meat, and may do know that it is one of the meals that increase the gut bacteria in the blood. Also, L-carnitine which is found in red meat creates many dangers for human blood. Also, red meat also creates mane substances in our blood that cause to heart disease. For instance, "TMAO is thought to encourage fatty plaque deposits to form within arteries (atherosclerosis), and therefore, the more TMAO you have in your blood the greater your risk of heart disease might be". (Dr. Marchelo). According to this research red meat creates a substance that human's body doesn't need, and also it cause to get heart disease faster. People should reduce eating red meat because heart is one of the most efficient organic in our body when it gets disease, it is hard to recover. Therefore, people should eat less red meat until they not get heart

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