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3.2.4 Kabaddi The earliest form of the game may have originated during the ancient times in India, including speculations from the Indian epic Mahabharata. For many years Kabaddi was practiced in Indian vedic schools. Though variations emerged and rules were framed, the game’s principal objective remained unchanged.[11] The variations however have manifested themselves into such games as Hututu, Sadugudu and many more. Modern Kabaddi is a synthesis of the game played in various forms under different names. Kabaddi received international exposure during the 1936 Berlin Olympics, demonstrated by India. The game was introduced in the Indian National Games at Calcutta in 1938. In 1950 the All India Kabaddi Federation (AIKF) came into existence…show more content…
In 1979, matches between Bangladesh and India were held across India. The first Asian Kabaddi Championship was held in 1980 and India emerged as champion beating Bangladesh. The other teams in the tournament were Nepal, Malaysia, and Japan. The game was included for the first time in the Asian Games in Beijing in 1990 where seven teams took part. India won the gold medal and has also won gold at the subsequent seven Asian Games. As a native sport, Kabaddi was more or less played in all rural parts of Pakistan. The sport is extremely popular in the Sub-continent where it is played with great spirit and enthusiasm in India and Bangladesh as well. Asian style Kabaddi is the most popular form in Pakistan as well as most of South Asia which is why it is used in the South-East Asian Games. The Pakistan Kabaddi Federation was formed in 1964. The first National level Kabaddi tournament was played in 1966. Mian Muhammad Yasin Wattoo was the first President and Chaudhary Muhammad Siddique as General Secretary of the Federation. 3.3 Design Campaign: Khed Punjab

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