Meat: The Inhumane Consumption Of Animal Products

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In modern day society, the argument over the consumption of meat has gained in strength and popularity in the last several years. This debate has brought forth people who support the meat industry and its treatment of animals who will eventually become out good, and the vegans who oppose the use of all animal products and the inhumane treatment of animals on factory farms around the globe. For clarification, a vegan is an individual who makes a conscious effort not consume any animal products, whether it be food, personal products, or cosmetics. Peter Singer, Gary Steiner, and Bill McKibben are three authors who have chosen to take a stance on the pro-vegan side of the debate. In their essays, they discuss the treatment of animals on factory…show more content…
According to Singer, those of us who live “in industrialized societies can easily obtain an adequate diet without the use of animal flesh. Meat is not necessary for good health or longevity” (Singer 178). Basically what he is saying is that with the proper monitoring and nutritional substitutes, a vegan diet can enable an individual to be perfectly healthy consuming only produce and other non-animal food sources. Therefore, it should put those at ease who are concerned about the healthfulness of a vegan diet to know that their health is not in jeopardy over their lack of animal products. Once an individual decides to accept the vegan lifestyle they might encounter the moral dilemma of if they should eat dinner with people who are eating meat. Steiner answers this question stating that it may prove for some terse conversation, but there is not a specific “law” that vegans must abide by. He challenges, almost humorously, that “You just haven’t lived until you’ve tried to function as a strict vegan in a meat-crazed society” (Steiner 197). I agree that it would be extremely difficult to function as a vegan because my experience in restaurants and social situations confirms it. It has been my experience that vegetarian or vegan options are beginning to appear more frequently on menus, but they are usually quite limited. In addition, it must be extremely difficult to stick to being a vegan when all of your friends are enjoying a giant red

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