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Listening Self-Analysis Communication has been a big part of us that we use it for sending and receiving messages from others. One way to get the information is to use listening as a way to communicate with someones’ messages and give feedback to them that you are listening. The process of listening is hearing, attending, understanding, responding, and remembering. People think that listening skill is natural that we know how to listen well but that is not true, we all need to improve it. To distinguish between hearing and listening. Hearing is using the ears to receive the sounds of the speaker. For listening is using our mind to decode someones’ messages and think what is the best way to respond back to their messages. For to be an effective listener, we all need to improve the weak areas of listening. Listening skill can be scaled how well you can perform a good listener. When I was assessing myself of listening I got lower than my mom assessing my listening. I think I know why I got lower than my mom when I was assessing myself. Because when I assess myself as best as I can, I don’t exactly pay attention to my listening well. Also, when I sometimes think that I am bad at…show more content…
My plan is to use listening skill daily to friends or family and use the important part listening. I’m plan on improving my paraphrasing to someone’s content or emotional side. My lack of social interaction had made me not a good listener and quite bad of showing empathy to their problems. I need to interact with more people so I can be a better listener. Improving my weakness is what I’m going to do if I want to be an excellent listener. I will try not be to a selective listener when there is something is easily that can be missed. If I don’t improving my listening I will be a person that is worthless and will be rejected from the job easily because didn’t improve my. Listening improvement is very helpful in the

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