Assertiveness In Communication

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Listening can be defined as "an active process of receiving aural stimuli consisting of five stages: receiving, understanding, remembering, evaluating, and responding", ("Chapter 4 - Communication 122 with Herrman at St. Norbert College - StudyBlue," n.d.). There are many websites which offer instruction on developing your listening skills. One such site is, emphasize is always placed on listening skills in business, and an employee who does not possess good listening skills can take the wrong action, which can cost the business financially. Conveying the false information, as a result of not listening can also cause conflict. Assertiveness defined as "standing up for personal rights…show more content…
(n.d.). Retrieved from One example of how feedback can be useful in business is through the communication process. The receiver ensures that the message is understood by asking the sender, to repeat, please? He/she can say "I do not blame you, or I don't know." Feedback can also be given through facial expressions, nodding of the head or even in writing. is one website on can be utilized for the development of your feedback…show more content…
(n.d.). Retrieved from Persuasion, as explained in Efficiency. In Business Essay, is a "process aimed at changing a person's or a group's attitude. Additionally, it can change behavior toward some event, idea, object, or another person(s), Written or spoken words can be used to convey information, feelings, or reasoning, or a combination of them."(American Literature Literary Terms Review flashcards | Quizlet. (n.d.). Retrieved from & - Online Business Dictionary. (n.d.). Retrieved from Persuading skills can be useful in business is through important job interviews. At an interview, your job is to persuade the manager that you are right perfect for the job., contain a variety of information on how to develop your persuasion

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