Brand Awareness In Marketing

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Branding is a major topic of study in market discipline, began in earnest in 1970’s. Books and articles have tackled the topic of branding from different perceptions. Specially, a good portion of the research on brands like brand loyalty, brand switching, and brand extensions. What is reason behind brands causing trouble is a basic question that we come across while assessing brand consciousness. As Observed from inside the limits of the ruling of marketing, this powerful new drive is incomprehensible. Marketing related to academics hypothesizes away fights between marketing and consumers occur. Such struggles become the consequence of the situation when companies join to their interior benefits instead of seeking to know and fulfill what…show more content…
If the person has the brand awareness then he can easily purchase the things according to his/her wish. Brand awareness is an essential part of brand development which helps the brand to stand in the competitive market. If customer did not know about the brand and have not any information about the product of the company then that brand cannot stand in the competitive market. Advertisement is the most popular medium which creates brand awareness amongst people. Though branded products are mostly thought to be the area of the wealthy, still the awareness of different brands and trends is increasing within every socio economic…show more content…
It has been long argued by the critical accounts of marketing that overall consumer desires and actions are being shaped by the firms' branding. In this scenario, the term Consumer Culture refers to the leading style of consumption that is organized by the overall movements of companies in their advertising actions. Capitalism needs a symbiotic relationship between market privileges and the social outlines to work properly and that orients how people get and interact with the offerings of the market. The structuring of culture and of consumption keeps support for the market system from political aspect that enlarges markets and cause an increment in the industry profit. The cultural authority narrative dominates these accounts. Dealers are depicted as cultural engineers, establishing the image that people have and how they feel through branded commercial goods. Classy marketing techniques are being used by the invincible companies to convince and bring consumers to get involved in a system of commoditized connotations entrenched in brands. Similarly, the culture among the consumer is prearranged based on the principle of respect to the authority of culture and of marketers. Those people who have adopted the customer culture indirectly give companies the power to

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